Poster by Shanna Trumbly

About the Artist

Life-long artist Shanna Trumbly offers her vision of both the natural and imagined world through her dreamlike creations. A magical place where fawns whisper, roosters reign, and the air is filled with the scent of lilies in full bloom. Shanna had the honor of designing the 2013 and 2014 Oregon Country fair posters and was delighted with both the opportunity and challenge alike of creating another for the 50th celebration. The common threads that tie them all are not only with the honoring of flora and fauna of the land, but with each of her creatures and critters serving as a reminder of the magic and immense power we hold as a community. Shanna says, “By sharing our gifts we are healing ourselves and in turn, more capable of helping to heal the planet. The more we share and lift each other up, the less afraid we become of our own light and the more we have to give.” The time-piece portals in her anniversary poster represent the continuous stream of magic in which we’ve each given and received to create this awe-inspiring, wondrous event, the Oregon Country Fair. Visit with Shanna at her new booth #930 Strawberry Lane and her website to view her works, where imagination is free to dance and weave together stories of nostalgia with the luminous spark of the yet untold future.