Poster by Beverly Soasey (1950-2018).

As an artist, my ideas emerge from my own reality; expressing my beliefs and ideals and exposing my truths. My art falls in the category of mixed media/assemblage, which for me means, anything goes. There are no boundaries, no formal rules on the execution of materials. In a blending of objects and media, my assemblages invite deeper reflective exploration. My work is a study of textures, patterns and color, this combination of elements intrigue and surprise the viewer. This process begins with the search and ends in a story. My passion is going to that unknown place and surprising myself with the result. There’s always that moment when I know a piece is finished, but until that moment, I have no clue when it will happen. My studio is overgrown with stuff: hundreds of objects, photos, books, bird wings, scraps of metal and ideas saved in various forms. There are boxes full of secrets and boxes waiting to be filled. Assemblage requires having inspiration and ideas around all of the time, always invading my thoughts. These thoughts and ideas come together in a single statement. Like my obsession for collecting, traveling and exploring, my art becomes a part of that process.