Poster by Byran Allen.

The designs I strive to create are often visual representations of our wholeness &interconnectedness, like diagrams attempting to remind us of our Infinite Nature existing within and beyond the day-to-day reality. A self-taught artist, I have been creating Mandalas for over 20 years, initially through painting on silk within lines of resist, and now primarily through the use of digital technology. Honored by the cool opportunity of designing an OCF poster, I incorporated some Fair elements that were meaningful to me, like the morning Om circle & the wonderful nature spirits we all know & love. A circle of people surrounding the OCF peach offer a nod to Fair Family spirit & our interconnection. I got my start at the Oregon Country Fair in the mid 1990’s. My work can be found in shops and galleries throughout the US Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Europe. 

20″ x 26″